Good Friday open air Church service

Members of local churches attended an open-air service in the town centre to mark Good Friday. The day is considered by Christians to be the most significant in their calendar because it is the day they believe Jesus died on the cross.

Petersfield Community Radio’s Stephen Martin reports from The Square.

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Property pointers with Andrew Beecheno

Local property and interiors enthusiast Dawn Clare and Chartered Architect Alan Cosh meet a Petersfield estate agent who grew-up near Rogate.

Andrew Beecheno is a director of Winkworth on the High Street and sold Dawn her current home.

In their conversation you’ll hear how Andrew believes Brexit is affecting the local market, why the flow of families into Petersfield from London has been in decline and which two properties in Petersfield Andrew rates as his all-time absolute favourites.

This is one of a series of features in which Alan and Dawn explore the local property market and look at some of the most interesting places to live on the current market.

Down the Pub with Tim Concannon and Damian Hinds MP

Tim’s guest is East Hampshire MP and Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds.

Damian chose the Pub with No Name in Priors Dean for this Brexit-free chat over coffee, recorded on Friday 12 April 2019.

Drawing on his career background in the brewing trade Damian reveals why he thinks this is one of the very best pubs in England, why he believes he has the best job in Government as secretary of state for education and why his musical knowledge means he’d make a decent contestant on Popmaster.

Damian also discusses his own educational background, the pleasure he takes in seeing The Petersfield School become so successful and he shares insights into the life of an MP and minister who also enjoys a great Sunday roast.

If you’d like to suggest a guest for Tim’s series of pub conversations, you can email

What’s going on in Petersfield’s property market?

Alan Cosh speaks to James Clare of Haart estate agent in Petersfield.

James describes the current state of the housing market, who is able to buy at today’s prices and why people continue to make Petersfield their home.

They also discuss the impact of recent Stamp Duty changes at the top end of the market and the opportunties for first-time buyers making their first purchase.

Alan reflects on how the work of an estate agent has changed over time and offers a tip for anyone who wants to live in the area but finds central Petersfield just a little beyond their reach.

The Wicker Man at Butser Ancient Farm

Nina Vennis interviews Rachel Bingham from Butser Ancient Farm, just South of Petersfield.

Find out why the Farm expects around 2,000 people to attend its Beltain Festival taking place in early May and discover how high is the Wicker Man, currently being built.

The Wicker Man – taking shape on Thursday 11 April
Butser Ancient Farm has featured in historical movies