Petersfield weather with Richard Marks

Petersfield’s most detailed weather forecast.

Local meteorologist Richard Marks consults his unique archive of Petersfield weather observations to compare the town’s current conditions with those of the past.

Richard confirms the highest temperature we experienced in Petersfield this week from his unique observation records and he looks ahead to the changeable conditions we can expect in the days ahead.

Money Moment with Martin Bamford

Every week Petersfield Community Radio keeps you up to date with the money news that could affect your life, your investments and the future of your family.

This week, security and teaching support are among the happiest lower-paid professions you could work in. We have an update if you have lost money in the London Capital & Finance failure, news about the current scale of pension transfers and new evidence that boilers are boring. Who knew?

All with Martin Bamford of Informed Choice Financial Planners of Petersfield. He looks like this…

Are you in one of the happiest professions and how boring are boilers? Get the numbers in this week's report... it only takes a moment.
Martin Bamford

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Director diaries: Hamlet, its staging and its original music

Musical director and composer David Barton joins Artistic Director Jake Smith to discuss the staging of Hamlet at this year’s Petersfield Shakespeare Festival and its music.

Listen to the end for a sneaky peak at David Barton’s original musical score.

David and Jake are talking to Petersfield Community Radio’s Holly Stevens.

Producer: Holly Stevens

Wilde Walk: Old Winchester Hill

Every week, local author Suzie Wilde suggests a walk you can enjoy in or around Petersfield.

Today Suzie seeks a cooling breeze on one of Hampshire’s highest vantage points.

Suzie Wilde and Raine on Old Winchester Hill
The Hill Fort map – click to go big.

Where is Old Winchester Hill?

South West of East Meon, on the road between Clanfield and Warnford.

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You can go Wilde too

If you would like to share your thoughts on this walk or suggest a Wilde Walk for Suzie to try then please get in touch at or by phone 01730 887399.