Dawn & Rob’s Bod Pod – fitness, health and wellbeing

Bod Pod is our regular series of discussions about fitness, health and wellbeing. This is programme 5 in the series.

This time, local actor and radio presenter Joff Lacey joins Dawn and Rob as he prepares for his role in the forthcoming Petersfield production of Brassed Off.

Joff knows he needs to shape-up for his part but can he change his lifestyle and diet habits in time to make a difference and fit into his costume?

Joff looks like this…

Joff Lacey
Actor and presenter Joff Lacey

Dawn and Rob look like this…

Dawn Clare and Rob Carr at the Taro Centre, Petersfield
Dawn Clare and Rob Carr at the Taro Centre, Petersfield

Audio production by Alice Payne at Petersfield Community Radio

Music: Synthwave by Ryan Andersen. Used under Creative Commons licence. Production by Alice Payne.

Petersfield weather with Richard Marks – August review

Local meteorologist Richard Marks reviews the local conditions for August and looks ahead to the first week of meteorological Autumn which starts this Sunday, 1 September.

Learn more about Richard Marks

Listen to his conversation with Tim Concannon, recorded in the Five Bells in Buriton.

Wilde Walk: the River Itchen

It’s Suzie Wilde’s birthday. To celebrate, enjoy a riverside walk just outside Winchester, said to be a favourite of Keats.

It’s the latest in Suzie’s weekly series of Wilde Walks around Petersfield with her labrador Raine.

How to get there by car

Take the A272 towards Winchester, turn left at the Spitfire roundabout onto the Winchester bypass, straight over the next roundabout (junction with the M3) and left at the third roundabout onto Garnier Road. There’s a carpark just before the canal.

Driving time from Petersfield: 35 minutes

Distance from Petersfield: 20 miles

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Suggest a Wilde Walk you enjoy

If you would like to propose a walk for Suzie to try then email team@petersfieldradio.uk or phone Petersfield 887399.

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Petersfield Arts & Crafts Society exhibition

Arts and crafts experts from the society, George Spear and Sharon Hurst take community radio reporter Alan Cosh around some of the most interesting exhibits at this year’s show and tell the stories behind them.

You can see some of the array of arts and crafts exhibits in our photo gallery and find out how to contact the society at https://petersfieldradio.uk/2019/08/petersfield-arts-&-crafts-society-exhibition/

George Spear and Sharon Hurst


About George Spear

George is an artist in his own right who lives in Petersfield and has been teaching life drawing for six years.

He is chairman of the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society for which he has been organising life drawing sessions since 2010, and is a member of the Ochre Print Studio in Guildford.

George also worked as a freelance photographer for 10 years. He holds a BA hons in Fine Art from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, now the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham.

Petersfield Arts & Crafts Society

Discover more about the society at https://petersfieldartsandcrafts.org.uk/

A litter pick with a purpose

Join Petersfield Society volunteers as they take to the streets to clear the town of litter and then sort it for analysis and recycling.

The Society reported the findings of its most recent litter pick to a Government consultation that volunteers hope will lead to a deposit and return scheme for drinks containers.

They believe this could reduce litter by as much as 50% and increase the amount of recycled litter.

In the audio diary of this community-wide project, hear from nine of the volunteers including (in order of appearance) Dr Phil Jupp, local children, Damian Hinds MP, Dr Sue Stanley and Cllr Lesley Farrow.

The report was produced by Beth Svarovska who organised the event.

Future litter picks

The next litter pick is between 2 and 10 November. “Clean Up for Remembrance” launches at the Methodist Church between 2 and 4.30pm on Saturday 2 November.

To get involved email litter@petersfieldsociety.org.uk or go to http://www.petersfieldsociety.org.uk/

Photo gallery

60 people of all ages, including Damian Hinds MP, got together for a big community event and cleared the town of litter
Mayor of Petersfield Lesley Farrow (l) with some volunteers close to the railway station.
Some of the litter and some of the 20 volunteers who sorted the litter found in Petersfield. By separating the litter, more of could be recycled.
Dr Phil Jupp is a chemistry researcher who took part in the littersorting. Hear his take on it in the report.
It’s hard and dirty work sorting out litter, but by doing so the volunteers discovered that half of the litter in Petersfield is drinks containers, which was an important statistic to be able to feedback to the Government.
Having transported all 2567 drinks containers separated from the litter to the Heath, 40 volunteers arranged them into giant, 5m high letters spelling out “Clean up”
Volunteers take a vantage point on top of one of the heath barrows to reflect on the drinks containers they have laid out and come together at the end of the project


Project lead Beth Svarovska, on behalf of Petersfield Society, would like to thank all the volunteers who took part in the project.

Thanks to CPRE for sharing their litter analysis model. Thanks to East Hampshire District Council and Id Verde for lending litterpicking equipment.

Thanks to Petersfield Town Council for permission to use the heath for the arrangement of the drinks containers. Thanks to Lionhouse Surveys for drone photographs.

Audio production: Stephen Martin, Abi Svarovska