Petersfield weather with Richard Marks

Things are looking up, says Petersfield meteorologist Richard Marks in his latest weather predictions for our unique local microclimate.

Richard also confirms exact Petersfield rainfall totals for the last week.

Petersfield’s most detailed weather forecast.

Dawn & Rob’s Bod Pod – fitness, health and wellbeing

Bod Pod is our regular series of discussions about fitness, health and wellbeing. This is programme 4 in the series.

This time in the Bod Pod, Dawn and Rob discuss the merits of different types of exercise, whether group classes or individual training, and some of the options available in the Petersfield area.

Dawn Clare and Rob Carr at the Taro Centre, Petersfield
Dawn Clare and Rob Carr at the Taro Centre, Petersfield

Music: Synthwave by Ryan Andersen. Used under Creative Commons licence. Production by Alice Payne.

Wilde Walk: Canine Partners charity

Every week, local author Suzie Wilde suggests a walk you can enjoy in or around Petersfield.

In this Wilde Walk, Suzie is accompanied by Sara Read of the Canine Partners charity.

Sara shares her expert view of the advantages that a Canine Partners dog can bring to its owner and they walk from the Poets’ Stone to Hawkley.

Discover more about Canine Partners at

You can go Wilde too

If you would like to share your thoughts on this walk or suggest a Wilde Walk for Suzie to try then please get in touch at or by phone 01730 887399.

Record A level success at Churcher’s College

With more than 60 per cent of A level results at either A or A*, Churcher’s College has enjoyed a record year.

Headteacher Simon Williams said: “This glorious success story is part natural talent, part brilliant teaching, but probably mostly the influence students have on each other.


“When everyone has a common aspiration to be the best they can be, the inspiration and influence infects all. Add to that the delightful camaraderie of a shared adventure and you have a heady mix that brings outstanding rewards. What a joy it can be to be a teacher …”


Sarah Raisbeck and her pop-up bakery

Petersfield Community Radio helps you meet ordinary Petersfield people who live extraordinary lives.

From her home in Ramsdean, Sarah Raisbeck bakes sweet treats and sourdough using natural ingredients. Her pop-up bakery appears in various places around the Petersfield area.

Sarah talks to young reporter Nina Vennis in the first of Nina’s Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives series.

Music by Nina’s Dad.

Sarah Raisbeck at home with cakes
Sarah Raisbeck at home with some of her sweet treats


Details of Sarah’s forthcoming pop-up bakery locations are at

Who’s extraordinary in your world?

If you’d like to suggest a local person for this series who has chosen to follow an unusual or remarkable path in life please email