Stamp prices, plastic money and the true price of renting. It’s Martin Bamford’s Money Moment

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A rise in first and second class stamp prices, why the new plastic £20 note is the most secure ever, a stronger performance on the high street, looking ahead to the Budget on 11 March and how much more do renters pay than homeowners for the same type of house?

All with Martin Bamford and presented with Informed Choice, independent financial planners of Petersfield.

Martin Bamford

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Wilde Walk: promenading in Felpham

Suzie Wilde and Raine visit the beach at Felpham, near Chichester only to find the storms have changed it beyond recognition.

These are not the only turbulent times at Felpham – William Blake was charged with sedition while he was staying in a cottage here.

Shifty shingle under stormy skies

How to get there

Felpham is just East of Bognor Regis on the West Sussex coast, about 40 minutes from Petersfield by road or 1 hour and 20 minutes by train via Havant and Chichester.

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Donations – and men! – required to help charity’s Big Sale

Save the Children’s Penny Blois, left, and Helen Davies, second right, spoke with P pod presenters Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey

Helen Davies and Penny Blois, from the Petersfield branch of Save the Children, popped into a recent recording of the P pod, to chat with presenters Claire and Joff about their big annual event in the town: the Big Sale, which takes place from April 3-4, in the Festival Hall.

And they want men!

For further details visit the charity’s website.

Will we ever see the sun again?!

Just a short spell of sunshine this weekend, but exactly when?

Richard Marks has his predictions, plus more detail on the wet and windy weather we’ve experienced over the last few weeks and an ominous warning of a possible cold snap ahead.

After the Green Hearts with Liz Bisset and Jorge Villalon

After the Green Hearts campaign for Valentine’s Day, organiser Liz Bisset from Petersfield WI and Jorge Villalon from Cloisters Café discuss the challenges and opportunities involved with reducing environmental impact.

Jorge Villalon and Mollie Williams of Cloisters Café with Green Hearts organiser Liz Bisset

You’ll hear about the pledges people made when receiving their green hearts, how changing the lighting in Cloisters has made a dramatic difference to Jorge’s energy consumption and how he’s now managing his use of the café’s oven to make further reductions.

Liz and Jorge also compare notes on the lobbying work they do with local councils and how the colour of the bins in Petersfield is not exactly logical.

They are speaking to Petersfield Community Radio’s Beth Svarovska.