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The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announces measures to support the self-employed, oil prices drop, housebuyers are urged to be patient, and a warning on Covid-19 scams.

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Morning report – Tuesday 31 March

Your essential local information with Claire Vennis and Stephen Martin.

Send your offers of help or requests for people to help you to or telephone us on 01730 555 500 and we’ll pass them on to the relevant organisations and agencies.

Today, the latest from the PACT Foodbank from Terry Doubleday, what the banks are offering customers from local bank manager and our volunteer Joff Lacey, and Gary Green from Bohunt Education Trust appeals for your used laptops, Chromebooks and iPads.

Information transcript

The Petersfield Voluntary Care Group says it continues to take people without transport to medical appointments, as long as they are not showing any signs of COVID-19, are not in a vulnerable category or over 70.

But … the group is still short of drivers and wants your help. Because many of its drivers are over 70 it’s down from 46 to just eight drivers right now and some of them are self-isolating.

If you can help, the group will DBS check you and you’ll get a free hospital parking permit and ID card. Speak to Alison Gauld to help out – her number is Petersfield 268 917, that’s 01730 268 917 or email

The Voluntary Care Group also wants you to know that it can do your weekly shopping on a regular basis for you or anybody who is self-isolating. They use your doorstep and front door as a barrier and maintain a 2m distance, and you don’t need cash because they’ll take payments via online banking or even a cheque.

The Post Office in the Square has been open, then closed, then open again on-and-off for the last couple of weeks – things are settling down now, but the branch is operating on reduced hours. It says, this week, it plans to be open every day between 9 and 3 and the staff there don’t expect to open at all on the weekend. Royal Mail deliveries continue to go at the normal times, with the late collection from the Square at 6pm.

Many of us have been using contactless cards for a safer way to make purchases during the outbreak, but you’ve probably noticed they only work for transactions under £30. Well, that changes tomorrow when the restriction will be lifted a bit to £45, so fewer purchases will require you to type in a PIN number at the checkout. 

The major banks in Petersfield are open every morning this week although the TSB is closed until Thursday.

Now to a seed bank, as Steve Amos of the Adhurst Estate Allotment Association has free seeds to give away if you would like to try growing some vegetables in the garden while we’re all staying at home. Tomatoes, carrots, radishes and more – now’s a good time to get them in the ground and Steve can deliver a box of random seeds to help you get started. Call us on Petersfield 5 55 500 if you’d like some or email and we’ll find a way to get them to you.


Several supermarkets have re-jigged their opening hours so elderly and vulnerable people and health care workers can get their shopping easily.

Tesco is opening early for browsing so NHS and care staff can get in first, and the 9 o’clock hour is especially for elderly and vulnerable shoppers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Waitrose is open from 7.30 every weekday morning and the first hour is also just for the elderly and vulnerable.

Lidl doesn’t have any special slots for different customers but joins the other supermarkets in requiring you to stay at least 2 metres from other shoppers and they have pre-bagged the fresh bread. It is also installing cough-proof screens at the checkouts.

And if you or someone you know is extremely vulnerable, you can get access to priority home delivery from the supermarkets thanks to a new Government scheme – just go to for priority home delivery slots from the major supermarkets. There’s a free phone line too – 0800 953 4988.


The Five Bells, in Buriton, renowned for its roasts, is doing deliveries now. You can order any day, as it’s open every weekday and Saturday from 5pm until 8. Call 01730 263584, that’s Petersfield 263584.

Delivery of Jake’s hand-cut pork pies is and always will be free in and around Petersfield. Email or call 07433 422817.

The Tea Barn at Durleighmarsh has a list of ready meals, quiches and soups available for free delivery. Get in touch via its Facebook page or by calling 01730 818286.

It’s the first Sunday of the month this weekend and normally that means one thing in Petersfield – the Farmers Market comes to town. But Hampshire Farmers Markets has suspended all markets during the Coronavirus outbreak for the safety of stallholders and customers alike. If there’s something special you like to get from the market then many of the producers, who have stalls there, are organising home deliveries and their contact information is on the Hampshire Farmers Market website – here’s the address… 

Other supplies

Non-food now, and One Tree Books has announced that, after its supplier suspended operations, it is unable to continue with its online book ordering system. You can, however, still get books delivered by the Petersfield Bookshop.

Halsa Cosmetics, an independent cosmetics retailer based in Petersfield selling organic and natural products, is temporarily closed but is still fulfilling orders. To place an order for Neals Yard or any other products in stock please call between 10 and 2, Monday to Saturday on 01730 260 060 or email  Orders to local customers will be delivered for free in postcodes GU30, GU31, GU32 and GU33.

The Blue Diamond Garden Centre, in Rake, is currently closed but is taking orders for delivery by phone.  Call 01730 293 002.

Other news

East Hampshire District Council is giving key workers free parking, but for the rest of us, we still have to pay. The council says one reason for this is that they don’t want to encourage people to make non-essential journeys when the key message is to stay home, protect the NHS and help save lives. If you’re a key worker and would like free parking, please email

The Petersfield Cleaning Company is volunteering support for our local community, charities and the NHS. It will be using its vans to transport medical, food, animal feed, logistical supplies to anywhere needed and wants to help in any way it can. Direct number to call is Alex on 0777 587 4990 or email The company’s operating hours are 6am – 9pm seven days a week. 

Do you run your own business? East Hampshire District Council will organise some of the government grants and business rate relief measures locally. Check out their website for details at – there’s further support available through HMRC, British Business Bank and the Bank of England.

The Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub and Petersfield Town Council are two organisations who have put the Morning Report on their websites. If you’re a webmaster for a local site and would like to do the same, just drop us an email for the special code that makes that work. 


Travel news now, and remember, the only travel that’s permitted is for essential shopping, to get medical supplies or to get to work if you absolutely can’t work from home.

If you were thinking a bracing walk on the beach was acceptable then know that the seafront roads in Southsea and the car parks there are now closed to everyone except local residents and permit holders. Police and the council say you should exercise near your home.

Some websites are showing scheduled roadworks around the area, but, in truth, there are no regular roadworks happening at the moment except for emergency repairs, and with traffic so light, hardly any chance of delays.

South Western Railway continues to run trains from Petersfield to Portsmouth and London for healthcare workers and anyone who must travel to work, but there’s only one fast and one stopping service each hour, each way and the Petersfield ticket office is closed – you can buy a ticket on the train or from the machine at the station. The last train back from London in the evening leaves Waterloo at 22:45.


A better day today with good sunny spells, and staying dry, but still feeling cold in the north easterly breeze. We expect temperatures to reach around 9 or 10 degrees in the afternoon before another chilly night to follow.

Don’t forget – the Morning Report is here for you – if you’d like to share how you can help people across the Petersphere, or are looking for help yourself, we’ll do what we can to help you out.

And if there’s someone you’d like to thank for the way they’ve helped you, we’d be very happy to recognise them on the programme. 

Petersfield 5 55 500 is the number – 01730 5 55 500 or you can email or find us on social media.

Morning report – Monday, 30 March

Laura Sheppard and debut-making Harrison RB clear everybody else out of their respective houses to bring you today’s lockdown update of services and help available in the Petersfield area.

Send your offers of help or requests for people to help you to or telephone us on 01730 555 500 and we’ll pass them on to the relevant organisations and agencies.

Today, we hear from Sophie Doe, from the Petersfield Coronavirus Help Network, and we have the latest entry in Nina Vennis’ teenage Lockdown Diary …


The Bran Tub, the health food shop, in Lavant Street, has decided to provide a ‘take-away’ service only. The shop will be staffed 9am-4pm, Monday to Saturday, but its doors will not be open for browsing or shopping. Please call 01730 267043 or email – including your own phone number in your email – to place your orders and a member of staff will pick and pack your order for collection. 

My Dentist, at the top of the High Street has taken the decision to suspend all non-emergency dental treatments. This means if you have a routine appointment in the coming weeks, such as a check-up or a non-urgent dental treatment, your appointment will need to be cancelled and you will be contacted to find an alternative date. If you are in need of emergency care, call the practice and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

The Salvation Army has closed its textile banks. Please don’t use these or leave donations by the side of them. Where possible, please hold any textiles you have so they can be donated once the banks are open again.

Fez, the Turkish restaurant in Bakery Lane, is offering its full menu for take-away or delivery, with dishes ranging from chicken and lamb to vegetarian and vegan options. The menu is available to view on the Fez Facebook page or its website at

Earth Restaurant, in Chapel Street, is now offering take-away and delivery for its full vegan and vegetarian menu. Get in touch via its Facebook page or by calling 07902 881 604. 

The Petersfield School and Bohunt Education Trust are helping children get online during these unprecedented times by asking anyone with unused laptops, iPads or Chromebooks at home to donate them to one of their schools, using the drop points of either the main Tesco, in Petersfield, or Sainsbury’s, in Liphook. See for further information. And, we’ll have more on that tomorrow.

If you are at Herne Junior school and get free school means you should have received details of the school’s plan from today. You will be able to collect your meals from the school kitchen every Monday where you’ll be given picnic food for the week ahead. And who doesn’t love a picnic …

PACT food bank is in need of several items: long-life milk, small boxes of cereal, oats, teabags, hot chocolate, tinned meat, rice, small packets of sugar, custard, rice pudding, and toothbrushes. Drop off is Mondays and Wednesday, 10am-12 at the Methodist Church in Station Road. 

Banking news … and we have been informed that the Petersfield branch of the TSB will be closed until Thursday, that’s TSB closed until Thursday.  

East Hants Police reminds us that travel needs to be ESSENTIAL and not driving for miles to go for a walk. Officers have seen many cars driving to Queen Elizabeth Country Park. If you break down or have an accident, it exposes others who may need to rescue you, as well as adding a potential burden to emergency services and the NHS. 

The government has issued new guidance on access to green spaces. It has said, stay local, and use spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel unnecessarily. Remember, anyone outdoors without a valid reason may be committing an offence, and will face a fine. For those continuing to disregard these requirements, they can face further fines or a summary conviction. Please be sensible and minimise the risks. 

Do you live in Liss? Well, Liss Parish Council has asked us to encourage all residents to check out the website at The council has put the latest information there, together with advice from official sources. The website also has details on how to get practical support in and around Liss. If you’re in the village, it’s a useful local resource.

The Ramshill Residents Association has been very active setting up its own Ramshill Coronavirus Support Group for those residents self isolating or home-alone. This started with a mail-shot to all 280 properties on the estate giving help phone numbers and email addresses.

It now has more than 20 volunteers on the estate who are actively helping those in need, usually with shopping or collecting prescriptions and is working in tandem with the Petersfield Coronavirus Support Group. And the chairman, John Lees, sends his thanks to all the wonderful volunteers on the estate.

Our thanks today go out to two local residents, Julia O’Brien and Michael Wakefield, two listeners to the Morning Bulletin, who have donated to the Petersfield Community Radio project as a consequence. A lovely gesture and we are very grateful.

Kathryn Ellis-Blandford runs the community Facebook group Petersfield Pulse, which has more than 10,000 members, and she has thanked all of the Petersfield Community for coming together in all kinds of ways to support one another during this tricky time.

Travel news now, and remember the only travel that’s permitted is for essential shopping, to get medical supplies or to work if you absolutely can’t do it from home. South Western Railway continues to run trains from Petersfield to Portsmouth and London for healthcare workers and anyone who must travel to work, but there’s only one fast and one stopping service each hour, each way and the Petersfield ticket office is closed – buy a ticket on the train or from the machine at the station.

It only got up to 9.6 degrees yesterday according to Dave Tidd’s weather station in Buriton, and the wind gusted up to more than 26 miles per hour so it felt much colder. We’re expecting it to be mostly cloudy and cold this week and there’s a chance of light rain later today. Bitter northerly winds mean it will feel wintery with temperatures in single figures.

Tomorrow’s looking brighter but most of this week will remain cold and cloudy before things perk up towards the weekend.

TPS needs your old laptops, Chromebooks and iPads

Petersfield’s largest school, The Petersfield School wants local people to donate unused portable computers to help children get online and study during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ready for your digital donations in Tesco

If you have an unused iPad, Chromebook or laptop computer you can drop it off at Tesco on the Causeway.

A similar scheme is operated in Liphook for Bohunt School which shares management with TPS.

During the pandemic, children at home are able to continue learning remotely, but only if they can connect. The school has partnered with external organisations to ensure student get strong support with their digital learning.

The school says 12% of UK households do not have a computer but that many people have unused devices lying around the house.

Head teacher Mark Marande told Petersfield Community Radio:

I want to reassure parents that a laptop is not a prerequisite for accessing our remote learning package.  It can be done via a tablet or even a smart phone.  However, we do recognise that access to digital technology might be a challenge for some families, especially if parents are also working from home and if schools have to remain shut for an extended period of time. Therefore today across the Bohunt Education Trust we are launching a ‘donation of unused devices to support education’ drive. 

Mark Marande, Head Teacher, The Petersfield School

All donated devices will be provided to local families with children at school so that they can get online and connect to their teachers.

Devices in demand

  • iPad 3s or higher
  • Chromebooks
  • Laptops capable of running Windows 7 or higher

It is important that any donated devices are:

  • Cleaned/disinfected, using ethyl or isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth (follow manufacturers’ recommendations)
  • In full working order, with working leads and power adapters for laptops and Chromebooks (not essential for iPads), and completely reset.

Wipe it before you donate

Morning report – Friday 27 March

Claire Vennis and Suzie Wilde are in the house (well, their respective houses) for today’s update of services and help available in the Petersfield area during the coronavirus outbreak.

Send your offers of help or requests for people to help you to or telephone us on 01730 555 500 and we’ll pass them onto the relevant organisations and agencies.

Today, we hear from Amelia Mahler of East Hampshire District Council who seeks temporary accommodation from local landlords, B&Bs, guest houses and hotels. Can you help her? Contact Amelia on or 01730 234 314.

Information transcript

Cyber Crime: We have received some lengthy advice from James Adnitt, Hampshire Constabulary’s cyber protection officer, regarding the various online scams being conducted under such headings as “COVID-19”, “Coronavirus”, “Working from Home”, “Self Isolation” and “Financial Support/Hardship”.

He advises that extra care needs to be taken as we are more accepting of going to unfamiliar websites and receiving emails from unusual sources while we deal with the current situation.

You can read the complete message .

And if you need a solicitor, many of the local firms are working but don’t all have staff physically in their offices. Biscoes and Mackarness & Lunt can both help with all their usual services, and Mackarness & Lunt point out that solicitors who deal with Wills and Court Cases are designated as Key Workers by the Ministry of Justice – so they’re there when you need them.

Owing to staff shortages Hampshire County Council is restricting some of its services to focus on priority areas.

For example, new bulky waste bookings – such as the removal of beds etc – have been suspended until further notice. Norse South East will complete existing requests provided the waste is left outside your property for the crew to collect.

It may take longer than usual to clear reported fly-tips and empty street litter bins, and officials are working to keep your rubbish and recycling collections running as scheduled.

However, the council may need to prioritise domestic waste (green bin) collections as the situation with the COVID-19 continues.

Please put your bins out as normal on your scheduled collection day and leave it out all day as the crews may be running later than usual. If your bin is not collected please leave it out, where it will not cause an obstruction, and it will be collected as soon as possible … although this may not be until your next scheduled collection day.

Excess recycling which can be left in clear plastic sacks or a cardboard box next to your bin and will be collected at some point. If your rubbish collection is missed, the refuse teams will collect any extra rubbish which can also be left in sacks next to your bin. 

And, please remember all Hampshire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres are now closed until further notice.

Sophie Doe, of the Petersfield Coronavirus Community Support, says we live in an amazing community with some fantastic people who are willing to volunteer to help our neighbours in need. However, the group would love more volunteers – please visit its Facebook page or email

Petersfield Town Council is being incredibly supportive too and has a link from its website at

To check out what to do if coronavirus affects your work, benefits or travel, call 0300 33 09 028 for assistance or visit

Petersfield Dementia Friends has a small group of volunteers to keep in touch with people who have dementia and their families on a regular basis. This covers predominately the people who attend the volunteer groups it has established in Petersfield, but organisers are aware there may be other people and families in the same situation who do not attend the groups. For assistance contact Jeff Williams, a Dementia Friends champion on 07849 195 702 or email

Hampshire’s Farmers Markets have been suspended for at least the next three weeks. Organisers say that although government restrictions still allow outdoors food markets to continue, they have decided to put the interests of their staff, members and customers first. 

The NHS NEEDS YOUR HELP! There are four main volunteers the NHS is looking to find:

Community Response volunteers: This role involves collecting shopping, medication or other essential supplies for someone who is self-isolating, and delivering these supplies to their home.

A Patient Transport volunteer: This role supports the NHS by providing transport to patients who are medically fit for discharge, and ensuring they are settled safely back into their home.

NHS Transport volunteer: This role involves transporting equipment, supplies and/or medication between NHS services and sites. The role may also involve assisting pharmacies with medication delivery.

Check in and chat volunteer: This role provides short-term telephone support to individuals who are at risk of loneliness as a result of self-isolation. This can be done from your own home.

Sign up at or use the link at our website.

Let’s now return to our information round-up, and Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, originally scheduled for the beginning of July, has been postponed. Organisers hope to reschedule it for late summer or early autumn, and remain hopeful that the annual Goodwood Revival event will go ahead in September as planned.

Dr Ian Hallam and the team at Meon Dental have set-up an emergency number for patients who need urgent dental help. The number is 01730 265 555 and the practice says if you haven’t heard from it about an appointment that’s scheduled for the next three or four weeks, assume it’s cancelled for now.

Incidentally, did you know that Dr Hallam is a former Olympic cyclist? He competed at three Olympic Games and won bronze in the Team Pursuit in Munich and Montreal. He’s also a three-time Commonwealth Games’ gold medallist … and now he’s a wheely good dentist.

On the subject of sport, the Football Association announced yesterday afternoon that for steps three to six in the pyramid, the season has finished and all results will be expunged. That will affect the likes of Petersfield Town, Horndean and Alton and it’s not unreasonable to expect grass-roots football to follow suit soon … so be prepared.

Maria in The Old Drum public house has eggs, bread, sourdough and take-away beers available. Also, if you’re a key worker in the health service and need somewhere to stay in Petersfield, Maria is offering free accommodation for NHS and care home workers.


The banks are on restricted hours and we have the latest information right now on the Morning Report: 

TSB is open from 10am to 4pm, although it is shut between 12.30 and 1.30 – Nationwide, Lloyds and Santander are open from 10 til 2, Barclays from 9.30 – 1 and the Nat West from 10am – 1pm. 

But remember these times are subject to change, because the staff in banks are just as vulnerable as anybody else.

Help us provide this service

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Just email with the address of your website and we’ll get you the magic code to make it happen.

Our thanks today go out to David Thirkeld and Colin Smith who between them have made and printed posters to help people in Petersfield find this Morning Report.

David designed the posters and Colin, at Petaprint, has printed them, despite being closed, which is a remarkable achievement in itself.

Look out for our green posters in shop windows around Petersfield and do pass on the message so everyone can get access to the vital local information in the Petersfield Community Radio Morning Report.


Here are some shops that remain open for business, even if it is with reduced hours…

Superdrug is open 10 till 4 every day including Sunday. 

Cook, the place with the frozen ready meals in Rams Walk, is open 9.30am until 4pm, and will be adapting its service over the days ahead – search them up online for the latest information.

Bunch’s, on Lavant Street, has good stock – although eggs are at a premium just now – and is open from 10am until 3pm.

If you’re using your bike as part of your daily form of one mandated exercise and it needs fixing or adjusting, then Tom in Cycleworks on Chapel Street is staffing the repair shop. The main doors and showroom are closed but if you knock on the side door in the alleyway Tom will look after you. He’s there between 10am and 4pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

Durleighmarsh Farm Shop is snowed under with requests for home deliveries so have come up with the clever solution of making up veg boxes for pre-order. Details on their website or Facebook page.

Three people at a time can go in and there’s more choice in the shop, including their own delicious rhubarb – recommended personally by Suzie Wilde.

Suzie Wilde’s favourite bar in the Queen’s Head pub, is now the village shop. If you walk or cycle past you can see some of the goods. Just like olden times … so I’m told.

CPL Distribution, the manufacturer of solid fuel, continues to be open for business as usual with plenty of stock of all fuels.Call 0345 671 1122.

The Stuff Shop, on Chapel Street, has closed but will still sell its Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Fusion Mineral Paint to those who need it and can deliver within a five-mile radius of Petersfield. Contact The Stuff Shop on

TIME to be ME, in Pages Court, is going to remain closed for the foreseeable future but staff will post regular updates to their social media pages for maintaining your skin and beauty regime so make sure to follow them.


South Western Railway continues to run a bare bones service on the line through Petersfield and onto Portsmouth and Waterloo.

It has closed the Petersfield ticket office but guards are on every train so you can buy a ticket on the train or with a card from a machine at the railway station. The company says its priority is helping doctors and nurses get to work … Of course, the only legitimate reasons to travel are for work that cannot be done from home, or to get food or medicine.


The best of the sunny days are behind us, sadly, as cloud builds across the Petersphere this afternoon, capping temperatures to just 10 or 11 degrees. Winds are moderate and from the North East – they’ll feel cold. Cloudy overnight, keeping the frost away – and the weekend will be mostly cloudy and feel cold, especially on Sunday.