Book equipment

Access to equipment

If you’re a registered project volunteer you are welcome to borrow equipment to make recordings.

Bookings and reservations

Reserve the equipment you need on the bookings calendar.

If you haven’t used this document before you’ll need to request edit access.

To do this:

1. Ensure you’re logged into your Google Account.

2. Open the Bookings calendar document with your browser.

3. Click the blue ‘View only’ button to open the panel where you can request edit access. 

Once you have edit access, add your name against the equipment for the days that you want it, booking in advance whenever possible.

Please keep your booking as short as possible so all volunteers have the greatest chance to use the equipment.

If the equipment is already taken or reserved, you can contact the person who has it to see whether they can pass it to you. If they agree, just update the calendar with your name instead of theirs.

Collecting and returning

Petersfield Museum staff manage the storage and loan of project equipment.

The museum office is at:

13 Dragon Street, Petersfield, GU31 4JN (next to ATS Tyres). Telephone Petersfield 262601.

Staff at the museum office hold a list of who can borrow equipment. They will ask you to prove your identity.

Please take ID with you, ideally a form of photo ID. Museum staff will record your name and the dates on which you take and then return the equipment.

Checking it’s all there

Once you have the equipment please check it’s all there, is undamaged and is in working order.

Remember to check the settings and change and charge the batteries as necessary.

Before you return everything, check that it is all there, undamaged and working properly.

If anything is broken, missing or damaged, you can report it here.