the P pod – 18 February, 2020

Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews led by Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey, comes to you this week from the Petersfield Space, in Lavant Street.

Proprietor Katie Jacobs tells you all about the Petersfield Space … and how YOU could use it. We also meet Helen Davies and Penny Blois, from the Petersfield branch of Save the Children, ahead of the Big Sale, in April. Plus, Claire, Joff and the usual panoply of hangers-on talk storms, walks, Valentine’s Day and much, much more.

This edition of the P pod was produced and edited by Dave Bowers, and featured Petersfield Community Radio volunteers Martin Bamford, Lucy Davies, Richard Marks, Stephen Martin, Harrison Randall-Brown, James Robbins, Alastair Stewart, Beth Svarovska, and Suzie Wilde, plus regular VIP guest, Jon Walker, the chief reporter of the Petersfield Post.

No crisps were harmed during the making of this podcast.

Flying Scotsman steams into East Hampshire

The world’s most famous steam locomotive, Flying Scotsman has arrived in East Hampshire and will be on display at Ropley station until 23 February.

The Watercress Line is celebrating the end of a major engineering project. Director of the Mid Hants Railway, Simon Baggott explains what it means for his volunteer organisation to Petersfield Community Radio’s Harrison RB.

Flying Scotsman in Alresford. Picture by CA850 on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licence.

Young environmentalist songwriter Frankie Morland at Sheet Primary School

Eight year old Frankie Morland brought his environmental message and his guitar to Sheet this week.

Suzie Wilde, Frankie Morland and Sheet environmental campaigner Ann Saunders

Frankie and his musician father Charlie released a song, World In Danger, at the end of 2019 to help convey Frankie’s thoughts about climate change and the environmental risks facing our planet.

After speaking to pupils at Sheet Primary School, they met Petersfield Community Radio’s Suzie Wilde in the school hall.

Frankie explains how the song came about, his excitement at receiving a letter from Sir David Attenborough and his top environmental tips for children and adults alike.

Frankie’s song, World In Danger

Know your diabetes risk with an awareness event in Petersfield

The Lions Club in Petersfield holds a Diabetes Awareness Day at Winton House this Saturday 15 February.

Steven Walters at Winton House

The free event is here to help you know your risk and understand the condition more deeply.

Steven Walters explains what’s happening and the background to this condition.

The event takes place between 10am and 4pm at Winton House

Wilde Walk: Durford Wood after the storm

In the latest Wilde Walk from Petersfield author Suzie Wilde, she and her labrador Raine rise above the storm in Durford Wood, only to come sliding back to earth with a muddy tumble.

Wilde Walks are treks around the Petersphere with local author Suzie Wilde and her labrador, Raine. There’s a fresh walk every week.

Show The Love green hearts campaign

Liz Bisset is opening a display of green hearts in Cloisters Café in Petersfield.

Liz Bisset of Petersfield WI

Her campaign for St Valentine’s Day is to raise awareness of climate change and the hearts have been made by WI and Liss Crossover members.

Take five minutes to hear her tips for energy saving and environmentally-friendly living in this interview with Petersfield Community Radio’s Beth Svarovska.

Audio editing by Harrison RB.

the P pod – 11 February, 2020

Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews led by Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey, comes to you from Fez, in Bakery Lane … just like that!

On this edition you’ll hear poignant testimony from holocaust survivor Mala Tribich MBE, Claire and Joff report from the Meon Valley Travel Holiday Show, you can learn about Butser Ancient Farm, enjoy yoga in audio form, and hear Good Morning Britain‘s chief correspondent, Richard Gaisford, cooking dinner by candlelight. This podcast is certainly eclectic …

This week’s edition was recorded at Fez restaurant, in Bakery Lane, Petersfield, and was produced and edited by Dave Bowers. It features Petersfield Community Radio volunteers Martin Bamford, Dawn Clare, Lucy Davies, Richard Gaisford, Richard Marks, James Robbins, Beth Svarovska, Suzie Wilde, and the Petersfield Post‘s Jon Walker.

Please note: Petersfield Community Radio takes no responsibility for Joff Lacey’s appalling Valentine’s Day-inspired attempt at a seductive, Barry White-style voice. This incident will never be spoken of again …

Listen to a Holocaust survivor’s powerful testimony

Five hundred people attended a talk by Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich MBE in Petersfield.

In a powerful and vivid talk at Churcher’s College, Mala shared childhood testimony from the Second World War.

Mala Tribich, MBE. Holocaust survivor.
Mala Tribich, MBE. Picture: Churcher’s College

Mala described how she was forced into a ghetto, how her family members were rounded up and killed, and she shared stark memories of the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen from where she was finally liberated. Mala says horrific images of the camp are permanently ingrained in her mind.

Mala Tribich, MBE. Picture: Churcher’s College

Petersfield Community Radio brings you Mala Tribich’s talk in full, together with questions from students of Churcher’s College and and introduction from history teacher Miss Swindells.

Mala Tribich, MBE with staff and students of Churcher's College. Picture: Churcher's College
Mala Tribich, MBE with staff and students of Churcher’s College. Picture: Churcher’s College

The event raised more than £1,000 for the Holocaust Education Trust.

Martin Bamford’s Money Moment

Informed Choice independent financial planners are investment specialists in Petersfield who can help you make decisions about money.

Every week, Martin Bamford compiles a selection of money stories that will help you keep in touch with our changing world as you consider how best to spend and invest.

This week, the rail commuters missing out on compensation, why your water and energy bills could be lower this year, and a survey suggests many of us would fall into arrears within a month if we lost our jobs.

All with Martin Bamford and presented with Informed Choice, independent financial planners of Petersfield.

Martin Bamford

Be informed and plan for your future with the Money Moment from Petersfield Community Radio. Sponsored by Informed Choice.

Wilde Walk: retreat from the beaches

Suzie and Raine make a quick return to Chapel Common to escape coastal showers and acknowledge the lengthening days of mid-Winter.

May contain train sounds.

Wilde Walks are treks around the Petersphere with local author Suzie Wilde and her labrador, Raine. There’s a fresh walk every week.

Tree wardens sign on

The meeting in Petersfield was well attended

The district’s trees and woodlands will be in safe hands after nearly 40 people signed up to become tree wardens at a meeting which attracted more than 100 people to the Festival Hall’s Rose Room.

The meeting, looking for volunteers, was organised by East Hampshire District Council and the Tree Council, and included information on what the role entails with talks by experts, including TV gardener Pippa Greenwood.

By the end, 38 would-be tree wardens had signed up for the scheme and a Tree Warden Steering Group was set up.

Dr Andy Moffat, voluntary coordinator, Jon Stokes, Tree Council director, and Jamie Gargett, EHDC’s arboricultural manager, will now meet to discuss training events for tree wardens, and the new recruits will be introduced to their own parish or town council.

Trees …

Cllr Ingrid Thomas, EHDC’s Neighbourhood Quality Portfolio Holder, said: “We are so pleased that so many people attended the meeting, it just goes to show how passionate people are about our trees, woodlands and our whole environment.

“There’s still a lot of work to do and we are still calling for more volunteers, so if you are interested in working in your local community and being a voice for our trees then sign up to the scheme.”

Petersfield Community Radio’s Beth Svarovska attended the meeting and her report includes interviews with some of the speakers and attendees.

For more information about becoming a tree warden contact EHDC arboricultural officer Kevin Peters on or 023 92 446 485.

the P pod from Petersfield Bookshop – 4 February, 2020

Direct from the bookshop at the centre of a global social media frenzy, it’s your weekly treat of news, views and interviews from around the Petersphere.

This week Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey meet the owner of the Petersfield Bookshop John Westwood, hear how Suzie Wilde got stuck in the mud en route to Hawkley, catch-up on the latest progress with Rosa Malone’s choir for women and bring you up to date with all the local events happening in our area.

All that, plus the gun in the lake, a new troop of tree wardens and your regular round-up of Petersfield news, weather and sport.

Also featuring Dave Bowers, James Robbins, Alan Cosh, Beth Svarovska, Martin Bamford and John Walker.

Direct from your place

If you’d like the P pod to record an edition of the podcast from your business, contact the team on 01730 555 500 or email

Voice artist is Petersfield’s Abi Phillips, recording by Dave Bowers, audio production by Stephen Martin.

Dawn & Rob’s Bod Pod Episode 13 – Chandni Narvekar

The Bod Pod is full of inspiration and encouragement towards better fitness and health.

Chandni Narvekar is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher based in Petersfield with more than 2,300 hours of teaching experience. Yoga has been an integral part of her life. Growing up in India, the principles and practise of yoga were present all around her, whether it was doing asanas (postures) or learning to chant in Sanskrit and Hindi. After moving to America, Chandni started practising Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga.

Hear her interview with the Bod Pod’s Dawn Clare where she explains the principles behind yoga and meditation, and some of her remarkable life experience.

Chandni demonstrates her strength and skill

Chandni says:
“I have had the luck of practising yoga in many countries and learning from
the most amazing yoga teachers. I knew my journey will bring me to teach
yoga…the experiences I’ve gathered along the way have been invaluable and
influence my teaching every day. I look forward to sharing my love of yoga
with you and hope to bring it to your life, even if in a small way…together
finding awareness of body, steadiness of breath and stillness of thoughts.”

Chandni website can be found at

Audio production by Barry Baseley at Petersfield Community Radio

Music: Synthwave by Ryan Andersen. Used under Creative Commons licence.

Music-mad Michael puts his role in focus

Petersfield Community Radio volunteer Michael Clement, pictured, is a renowned portrait photographer, who, has worked with Angelina Jolie, Adele, Chrissie Hynde and Jeff Goldblum … and he was also persuaded to come along to Sew Creative, to record visually a recording of the P pod.

We also thought he’d make a very interesting interviewee – and we weren’t wrong.

You can see more of his work at

Sew Creative provides material benefits

Claire Vennis, far left, spoke with Sew Creative’s Steven (at rear) and Jo Watts, second from left, and customers (from left to right) Janice McNeill, Wendy Beardall and Ben Pope

Jo and Steven Watts very kindly invited us along to their shop, Sew Creative, in Lavant Street, to record an episode of the P pod.

Here you can discover how their colourful store has become part of the fabric of the community, with additional contributions from three of their loyal customers: Wendy Beardall, Janice McNeill and Ben Pope.

And, if you’re wondering about the clicking in the background, that’s local photographer Michael Clement recording the event for posterity. However, the picture shown here was taken by Joff Lacey, on his phone, which explains a lot …

the P pod – 28 January, 2020

The crafty team comes to you this week from Sew Creative, in Lavant Street, a real community hub for those with a creative bent …

Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews led by Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey.

Joff and Claire speak with Sew Creative owners Jo and Steven Watts, and Petersfield-based international portrait photographer Michael Clement.

There are also contributions from the P pod regulars Martin Bamford, Dave Bowers, Richard Marks, James Robbins, Jon Walker, and Suzie Wilde.

Recorded at Sew Creative on Monday, 27 January, 2020.

Next week we’re recording the P pod at the Petersfield Bookshop, where we’ll be finding out if the orders are still coming in after THAT tweet. To contact the P pod, call Petersfield 01730 555 500 or email