Director diaries: Hamlet, its staging and its original music

Musical director and composer David Barton joins Artistic Director Jake Smith to discuss the staging of Hamlet at this year’s Petersfield Shakespeare Festival and its music.

Listen to the end for a sneaky peak at David Barton’s original musical score.

David and Jake are talking to Petersfield Community Radio’s Holly Stevens.

Producer: Holly Stevens

Director diaries: Becky with musical director, Ed Court

Today in rehearsals for the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival, director Becky Hope-Palmer and composer/musical director Edward Court sit down to discuss music and it’s place in Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’, revealing the musicians and instruments soon to appear onstage.

‘The Comedy of Errors’ opens on 17 July at the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival.

Producer: Holly Stevens

Director diaries: first thoughts after a world premiere in Petersfield

Abyss by Laura Turner received its world premiere at the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival on Friday 12 July 2019.

After the performance and questions from the audience, the show’s director, playwright and actor shared their reactions for Petersfield Community Radio.

Hear director Jake Smith, playwright Laura Turner and the sole performer, Laura Peterson in frank and open conversation immediately after the show.

Ophelia Drowning by Sir John Everett Millais

The play is inspired by the painting ‘Ophelia Drowning’ by John Everett Millais and it tells the story of a young woman struggling with grief.

Producer: Stephen Martin

Director diaries: Becky and Jake discuss rehearsals

Directors Becky Hope-Palmer and Jake Smith discuss ongoing rehearsals for the fast approaching performances of ‘The Comedy of Errors’ and ‘Abyss’ at this year’s Shakespeare Festival. 

Today they look at the introduction of Movement Directors into rehearsals and the enhancement of characterisation this produces, as well as the areas of rehearsal that have proved a struggle.

Producer: Holly Stevens

Director diaries: The Twins of The Comedy of Errors

Becky Hope-Palmer, director of ‘The Comedy of Errors’, discusses the intricacies of the rehearsal process, especially the development and characterisation of the two sets of twins. 

Actors Sorcha Kennedy and Sam Hollis, playing the two Dromios, also give an insight into their portrayal of the twins onstage and the process to explore their roles combined with the comedic nature of the play.

‘The Comedy of Errors’ opens at the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival on 17 July.

Producer: Holly Stevens

Director diaries: Jake and Becky with actor Laura Peterson

Today, directors Becky Hope-Palmer and Jake Smith discuss another extensive day of rehearsals for the upcoming Petersfield Shakespeare Festival.

You’ll also hear actor Laura Peterson on her rehearsals for ‘Abyss’, a new one-woman show coming to the festival on 12 July.

Combining theatre, literature and visual art ‘Abyss’, written by Laura Turner, explores the complex motifs of women, madness and drowning present in John Everett Millais’ painting, ‘Ophelia Drowning’.

Producer: Holly Stevens

Director diaries: Becky Hope-Palmer on The Comedy of Errors

Rehearsals are underway for this year’s Petersfield Shakespeare Festival.

In this new series of short diary recordings, Directors Becky Hope-Palmer and Jake Smith share tantalising glimpses into the theatrical production process and express their personal thoughts as the plays move from page to stage.

Today, Becky Hope-Palmer gets her Comedy of Errors company together for the first time.

Producer: Holly Stevens