Generation Green – Ian James

This Month Meg and Sacha chat with the wonderful Ian James about his own experiences and how we can start to make big changes to help fight climate change!  We go into detail on finance and how the economy affects climate change. If you are new to climate change activism and haven’t listened to some earlier episodes we definitely recommend listening to those first.

Generation Green – Meat Production

This week Meg and Sacha talk about all things meat.

What are the arguments that link the meat industry and climate change and in what ways can we choose to make a difference, even if we opt not to go vegan?

Something we hear all the time is “I would go vegan if it weren’t for…” so to that we say do it then!

Go vegan except for bacon or except for yoghurt. Sacha and Meg argue that whatever is stopping you, don’t let it stop you from cutting down.

Generation Green – Education and the Climate Crisis

This week Meg and Sacha chat with Paul Turner and Member of the West Sussex Youth Cabinet Holly Thompson about how Education is failing us. Will learning about climate change make us kinder people?

Holly Thompson (left) with fellow Youth Cabinet member

What needs to change first for us to be able to have a better curriculum and for students to enjoy learning again?

Paul Turner sitting at computer
Environmental activist Paul Turner at his desk

Find out on Tuesday at 8pm or on demand on the website or wherever you get your podcasts
Curriculum for life:

Generation Green – A Review of A Life On Our Planet

This week Meg and Sacha dissect David Attenborough’s witness statement. This opinion piece covers everything the two found to be problematic and maybe what was missing. Is overpopulation as bad as we think? Is the piece more of a pat on the back than it is a warning? Links to articles and info can be found on the website

article on the history of “over-population”:
Palm Oil vs Meat:
Politics and the film:
The inequality of the climate crisis:
Book on indigenous mindset:

Generation Green – air quality with campaigner Paul Turner

Paul Turner talks everything about air quality. Ever wondered is Petersfield is as bright and green as it seems? What does radical change look like and how can we be part of it?

e- scooter scheme:
gear change:
Transition towns:
Article on limits to protest:
Article on Ella Kissi-Debrah’s death

high speed 2:

Sat on carbon emissions

Generation Green – Caroline Scott

Caroline Scott of discusses the ins and outs of electric vehicles, education and whether your coffee cup is making a difference.

“I decided to name this blog “regreen the planet” after seeing what has happened to the earth over the last 50 years with massive deforestation, and an less and less sustainable lifestyle. Having spoken to my parents about their much greener lifestyles back in the 1950s before the age of plastic, central heating and foreign holidays became the norm, it made me wonder what could we learn from the past?”

Home – Global Footprint Network
Planet Patrol – formerly Plastic Patrol – Save our Future

Generation Green – Beauty and Sanitation

This week Meg and Sacha discuss all things beauty, hygiene and sanitation.

Learn how your routine could be harming the planet and how to make simple, effective switches. Does your face cream have plastic in it? Does your shampoo strip your hair and your drain? Find out here on Generation Green

Generation Green – Pippa Lee and Laurent Coffre

Meg and Sacha chat with Pippa Lee and Laurent Coffre of the Green Party. This time, questions were gathered from the public. They discuss a lot of topics from eco-anxiety to the fairness of the voting system, all from their perspective. 

Pippa has lived in Langrish in the South Downs National Park for the past thirteen years and believes that we must all work together to combat this destruction and create a world in which we live in harmony with the planet and its other inhabitants. This means putting the planet first when it comes to decisions both locally, nationally and globally.

Laurent believes it all adds up if we all stand up: it is good for us, it is good for our communities, and it is good for the planet. “What can I do?” Faced with global issues such as Climate Change, we all feel powerless to influence the course of events. Yet, addressing environmental matters can start with us.

Generation Green – Greenwashing

This week, Meg and Sacha discuss Greenwashing. Don’t get caught out by companies and brands describing their products as ‘eco’. Know your stuff and be a thoughtful consumer!

They try to cover multiple aspects but there are so many different ways in which greenwashing can occur. If you know of more ways, drop them in the comment box below so we can all learn! 

Generation Green – Bees and access to nature

Generation Green is where you can hear young voices from Petersfield with the environmental issues they care about.

This week Meg and Sacha discuss how Bee’s impact the environment.

Later in the episode, they also discuss how access to nature (or lack of it) affects a person’s health. 

Generation Green – Catriona Cockburn of the Petersfield Climate Action Network

Meg Allin and Sacha Fairweather meet Catriona Cockburn, a local environmental campaigner who is part of the newly formed Charity Petersfield Climate Action Network, or “PeCAN”.

Catriona says:

“I feel very privileged to live and bring my children up in Petersfield. I want to ensure that this beautiful place can be enjoyed for generations to come. The climate crisis is the greatest single threat humanity faces and we need to act now. I believe we need to understand the Climate Crisis, be Empowered with Solutions and Be The Change”.

Catriona Cockburn and daughter

PeCAN’s mission is to help Petersfield and surrounding villages reduce their carbon emissions as quickly as possible and protect nature.

To find out more about PeCAN please email, or visit the Facebook page at

Online resources:

IPPC report Global Warming of 1.5 C

Generation Green – with councillor Russell Oppenheimer

Generation Green is where you can hear young voices from Petersfield with the environmental issues they care about.

This time, Sacha Fairweather and Meg Allin meet councillor Russell Oppenheimer.

Councillor Oppenheimer serves for both Hampshire County Council and the South Downs National Park Authority.

His roles for Hampshire include chairing the Economy, Transport and Environment select committee that takes responsibility for waste management, climate change, land management and protection of the environment in our area. 

Sacha and Meg chat with Russell about the current state of sustainability in and around Petersfield and the future plan to improve it.

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer holds responsibility for the protection of our local environment.

Generation Green – Oceans

Generation Green is where you can hear young voices from Petersfield with the environmental issues they care about.

Oceans are so important to our ecosystem, Sacha and Meg find out about the multiple ways in which they are being damaged and how we can all help to mitigate the effects both on a big and small scale.

Generation Green – Christmas

How can you keep your Christmas fun and safe for the planet?

Meg and Sacha are young Shine Radio presenters who care about our climate.

In Generation Green they have you covered from decorations to presents.

Meg and Sacha say “let’s help keep our Christmas cold.”

Generation Green – the plastic peril

In Generation Green, Petersfield’s Shine Radio shares young voices and the environmental issues that matter to them.

Sacha Fairweather and Meg Allin discuss plastics, how they affect our world and how we might be able to protect the planet from their effects in the future.

Generation Green – activist Tamara Gray

Meet Generation Green. Young voices with the environmental issues that matter to them.

In this programme, Meg Allin and Sacha Fairweather are joined by acitivist and environmentalist Tamara Gray who shares her views on a range of subjects and interests.

From education to the new ASDAs to illegal wildlife trade – it’s all in focus for Generation Green.

Tamara Gray
Tamara Gray

Music credit: Humanity by Scott Holmes. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Generation Green – fast fashion

Do you know what happens to the clothes you wear or how they’re made?

Young Shine Radio presenters Meg and Sacha are alert to today’s environmental challenges and how we can help to live in a more sustainable way.

In this programme, they explain how “fast fashion” affects the environment and how Petersfield may be doing some things right. It’s the first in a new series called Generation Green.