Generation Green – the plastic peril

In Generation Green, Petersfield’s Shine Radio shares young voices and the environmental issues that matter to them.

Sacha Fairweather and Meg Allin discuss plastics, how they affect our world and how we might be able to protect the planet from their effects in the future.

Generation Green – activist Tamara Gray

Meet Generation Green. Young voices with the environmental issues that matter to them.

In this programme, Meg Allin and Sacha Fairweather are joined by acitivist and environmentalist Tamara Gray who shares her views on a range of subjects and interests.

From education to the new ASDAs to illegal wildlife trade – it’s all in focus for Generation Green.

Tamara Gray
Tamara Gray

Music credit: Humanity by Scott Holmes. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Generation Green – fast fashion

Do you know what happens to the clothes you wear or how they’re made?

Young Shine Radio presenters Meg and Sacha are alert to today’s environmental challenges and how we can help to live in a more sustainable way.

In this programme, they explain how “fast fashion” affects the environment and how Petersfield may be doing some things right. It’s the first in a new series called Generation Green.