Wilde Walk – Beacon Hill

It’s Suzie’s birthday! Join her, along with Richard and Raine, for a walk around the iron age fort.

An uninvited guest spoils the fun (and the recording!) in the form of a thunderstorm. It’s an easy, one-hour walk when the sun shines: perfect for a picnic – but this time, you’re invited to a glass of bubbly in Lois, the campervan.

You can now hear Suzie’s Walks on Petersfield’s Shine Radio every Friday and Saturday. Listen at https://shineradio.uk.

Wilde Walk: Langley

Look, Raine! Bunnies!: Suzie and her faithful hound ‘up by the radio mast’

This week, our wandering wordsmith, Suzie Wilde, takes her labrador, Raine, on a hot walk to Langley – and, en route, she makes a surprising admission about a problem when she took a Wilde Wee …

Wilde Walk: the birthday walk

Author, broadcaster, bardolator and all-round good egg Suzie Wilde and labrador Raine go on a birthday walk in this week’s Wilde Walk – complete with blue sky, sea and butterflies.

But it isn’t Suzie’s birthday … Confused? All will become clear.

What a view!

Wilde Walk: West Meon to Wickham

This week, in a feature-length edition, Suzie is joined by fellow Petersfield Community Radio volunteer John Welsman, who is visually impaired.

Me-on you and a dog named Raine …

During their walk, along the West Meon to Wickham trail, they discuss what it’s like to live with impaired vision and what colour is number 17. Cue lots of laughter, passing cyclists and – spoiler alert – talk of ghosts and parking issues.