Health and Safety policy

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

This is the Health and Safety Policy Statement of Petersfield Community Radio Ltd.

Our statement of general policy is:

  • to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our activities
  • to consult with our management, advisory board and volunteer base on matters affecting their health and safety
  • to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • to ensure safe handling and use of substances
  • to provide information, instruction and supervision for all volunteers
  • to ensure all volunteers are competent to complete their tasks, and to give them adequate training
  • to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health
  • to maintain safe and healthy conditions for volunteers
  • to review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals

Should you identify an issue that relates to health and safety which causes you concern please report it immediately to the Health and Safety lead, Alastair Stewart.

Signed: Petersfield Community Radio Ltd.

Date: 29 March 2019

Health and Safety responsibilities

Overall and final responsibility for health and safety rests with the Board of Directors.

Day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to the Health and Safety lead, Alastair Stewart

All volunteers have to:

  • co-­operate with supervisors and managers on health and safety matters
  • not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety
  • take reasonable care of their own health and safety
  • report all health and safety concerns to an appropriate person (as detailed in this policy statement).

Risk assessments

Blank risk assessment form

Blank template

Model risk assessment

For conducting intervews in a public place

Model risk assessment

For recording a lecture in a school

The assessment of Health and Safety risks arising from our activities will be made by the volunteers involved in conducting those activities.

The risk assessments will be reported to the Health and Safety lead who will agree any action required to remove, or mitigate risks.

The Health and Safety lead shall be responsible for ensuring that any action approved by the Board of Directors is implemented.

Model assessments shall be reviewed every six months or when the activity changes, whichever is soonest.


To check our operating conditions and ensure safe working practices are being followed, we will investigate any accidents or reported ill health.

The Health and Safety lead is responsible for investigating accidents, for investigating work-related causes of sickness absences and for acting on
investigation findings to prevent a recurrence.

Fire and evacuation

When working within any premises, it is the responsibility of volunteers to:

  • Complete a risk assessment
  • Check escape routes
  • Check that fire extinguishers are maintained
  • Check that alarms are tested
  • Understand the alarm system and emergency evacuation procedures

When operating on school premises, we follow the emergency evacuation procedures followed by school site staff according to school policies.

Where an activity is taking place within the premises of the local educational partners or a third party organisation, in addition to the health and safety requirements set out above, the Health and Safety policies and Emergency Procedures of the relevant establishment must be followed.


Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, is not compatible with PCR activities.