Who you’ll hear on Shine Radio


Morning Report

Weekdays from 6am

A brighter mix of local news, information and great music to start your day in Petersfield. With contributions from across our volunteer team. Sport Mondays and Fridays.

Mondays – Thursdays

Dave Bowers

Monday to Thursday from 9am

Wit and wisdom to make the working day more bearable.

Laura Sheppard

Monday to Thursday from 11am

Celebrating the creativity of Petersfield and its people.

Meg Allin

Monday to Thursday from 2pm

Music, entertainment and Meg. 

Harrison RB

Monday to Thursday from 4pm

The brighter way to enjoy afternoons in Petersfield.


Sacha Fairweather

Fridays from 9am

Bunking off Friday college, maybe, Sacha leads you into Friday.

Noni Needs

Fridays from 11am

Good company and great ideas for an enriching home life. Includes our recipe exchange.

Mandy P

Fridays from 2pm

Music and entertainment ideas for the weekend.

Kate Fairweather

Fridays from 4pm

In touch with life in Petersfield as the weekend approaches. Cocktails at 6pm.

Saturdays and Sundays

Sacha Fairweather

Saturdays from 8am

A teenager is up on a Saturday morning. News in itself.

Noni Needs

Saturdays from 10am

Good company through the morning and Noni’s creative tips for a great homelife.

Dave Williams

Saturday from 3pm
and Sundays from 8am

The brighter way to enjoy your weekend.

Alan Cosh

Saturdays and Sundays from 6pm

Designs on Petersfield and practical tips from a lifetime of experience.

Ian Crossman

The Brighter Minds Quiz
Saturdays and Sundays from 9pm

Test your general knowledge every weekend evening.

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