The brighter way to start your day

Every weekday morning, Shine Radio wakes you up with the latest local information, great music and friendly Petersfield voices.

Get all the local news, sport, travel and weather you need to give you a sense of the day in Petersfield and the villages.

You’ll also hear conversation with fascinating local people and bright local presenters who’ll do their best to raise a smile.

Email or call Petersfield (01730) 555 500.

meet the presenters

James Birdseye

James “the Captain” Birdseye


All ship shape and Bristol fashion, the Captain sails you into the new week with sharp observations on local life and all the essential Petersfield information you need to get through Monday.

Listen out for cameo appearances from Lucy and Harrison.

Lucy Davies has your local news and travel. Kate Fairweather is at the weather desk.

*He’s not a real captain, for the sake of those travelling by boat


Emily Watts


Emily is with you every Tuesday morning.

Listen out for husband Ryan Watts and their young child as they share their experiences of Petersfield parenting.

Emily also recommends a family board game every week.

Lucy Davies presents the local news and travel. Hannah Martin is at the weather desk.

Alan Cosh

Blake Swell


Blake Swell wakes up the Petersphere with a cheery smile, great music and all the local information you need.

Phill Humphries has your local news and travel information. Kate Fairweather is at the Shine Radio weather desk.

Alan Cosh

Alan Cosh


Alan Cosh drops anchor to introduce fascinating local people whose work and interests make local life more colourful.

Listen out for contributions from local church leaders too.

Noni Needs has the latest local news and travel information and Emily Watts is at the weather desk.

*Alan is a real captain

Noni Needs

Noni Needs


The spirit of the weekend starts early at Petersfield’s Shine Radio.

Noni is here from 6am with conversation, creative weekend ideas and all you need to know to end the week in style with a smile.

Laura Sheppard presents the local news and travel. Emily Watts is at the weather desk.