Suzie Wilde’s Wilde Walks

Inspirational walks in beautiful countryside

Whenever Petersfield author Suzie Wilde walks her labrador Raine, her choice of inspirational country locations is vast.

In each Wilde Walk, Suzie describes vivid scenes of the South Downs environment and the thoughts they provoke for her.

This is speech radio at most pure and enjoyable: a single articulate voice, a unique imagination and a lifetime of rich experiences from which to draw, all set in stunning countryside.

Enjoy all Suzie’s Wilde Walks around the Petersphere

Listen on demand at any time here. You can also hear Suzie’s latest walk on Petersfield’s Shine Radio every Friday around 9.30am and 1.30pm, on Saturdays around 8.30am, Sundays at 9.30am and the following Monday at 11.30am

Suzie Wilde

A lifetime companion to Labradors, Suzie spends much of her time walking the challenging countryside of the South Downs. Born an inner-city girl, this has become a place she feels intimately connected and where her themes of home and belonging were formed.

Suzie’s personal website is at

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If you’d like to suggest a walk for Suzie and Raine, or join them on one of their local walks just get in touch with the team. 

You can use this form or telephone Petersfield (01730) 555 500.

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